Formally established in 2009, the PCFS is a growing international network of organizations and social movements. The group promotes a peoples’ convention on food sovereignty as an international governance alternative to the current oppressive structures and policies in food and agriculture. It is comprised of small-scale food producers and other organizations focused on the right to food and its sources of production. While PCFS membership is open to organizations in all continents, its administration is, and must be, based in the Global South.

APN is a member of the PCFS Global Steering Council and the Global Executive Committee representing West Asia. In 2018, PCFS held its general assembly in Thailand, where APN General Coordinator Razan Zuayter was elected PCFS co-chair along with Sylvia Mallari, the head of the Asian Peasant Coalition (APC). 




Other activities:


  • In November 2019, APN organized the first PCFS West Asia and North Africa in Amman, Jordan  (More).
  • In June 2019, APN chaired the Executive Committee of PCFS in Hong Kong, along with Sylvia Malari, President of the Asian Farmers Alliance. 
  • In 2016, APN participated and spoke on the right to self-determination at a series of events organized by the PCFS in Manila and Davao, Philippines.
  • In 2015, APN organized a regional workshop in Amman on public-private partnerships in agriculture and their effects on food security and small food producers.