(PCFS) يحذر من انحياز قمة النظم الغذائية لأطماع الشركات ويستعد لإطلاق "مؤتمر ظل" شعبي

The People's Coalition for Food Sovereignty (PCFS) organized a panel discussion on the 'Corporate Hijack of the UN Food Systems Summit.' They warned of the consequences of disregarding the needs and aspirations of small farmers and siding with the interests and ambitions of big businesses, especially in light of the alliance between the summit and the World Economic Conference in Davos.

The meeting was inaugurated by Razan Zuayter, Co-chair of the coalition and Chair of the Board at the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature, and attended by a group of professionals from different parts of the world influential in agricultural policies. This led to moving forward with a 'shadow conference' of the UN Food Systems Summit,  which is held every 4 years and is a substantial body that approves agricultural policies all over the world. The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature will play a vital role in organizing the alternative conference through conducting research and developing strategies.

In a related context, representatives from the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature attended a lengthy preparatory session on the topic of 'fragility' (May 6). They noted that there was no mention of the effects of conflict on food systems before inviting participants to the shadow conference of the Food Systems Summit. On May 18, the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature was able to push for wars, occupation, and conflict to be a topic of discussion at the Global People's Summit. 

The world is awaiting the convening of the Food Systems Summit in September of 2021, which will result in new measures to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Participants of the summit include:  

Razan Zuayter - PCFS Global (Jordan/Palestine), Sarojeni Rengam - PAN Asia Pacific (Malaysia), Chennaiah Poguri - APC (India), Gertrude Kenyangi - PCFS Africa/SWAGEN (Uganda), Jitten Yumnam - IPMSDL (Manipur), Henry Morales - PCFS LAC (Guatemala), Mr. B. Sivapagrasam - CAWI, (Sri Lanka), Hakim Bellerin - ESAFF (South Africa), ANFS Badi'a - ANFS (Morocco), Lei Covero - IBON International (Philippines), Ezra Talaat Saeed - APRN Pakistan).