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All donations go towards supporting agriculture, food sovereignty and the environment in the Arab world.

With your help we are able to help farmers stay on their land and provide them with support. In return we are pleased to give you a certificate of thanks in your name or in the name of whomever you wish within 3 working days. 

 The cost of planting one tree is 5 dinars ($ 7). We are happy to offer the following benefits if you donate 200 trees or more.

Contribute to the organization's efforts through the electronic form above administered by our partner organization, The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature - Canada, or by donation to our bank accounts

  • Bank al Etihad, Shmeisani Branch
    Account Number (JD): ​​0010117257315101
    IBAN: ​JO79 UBSI 1010 0000 1011 7257 3151 01
    Account Number ($): 0010217257315101
    IBAN: JO41 UBSI 1010 0000 1021 7257 3151 01
    Account Number (Euro): 0012317257315101
    IBAN: JO19 UBSI 1010 0000 1231 7257 3151 01
    Swift Code: UBSIJOAXXXX
  • Jordan Islamic Bank
    Account Number (JD): 1606079
    IBAN: JO23 JIBA 0020 0016 0607 9410 4000 06
    Swift Code: JIBAJOAM

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