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The Green Caravan

The Green Caravan Program in Jordan:
The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature launched the Green Caravan program in 2003 to reduce the rate of desertification, highlight the importance of agriculture and support small-scale farmers. These aims are the key components to improve Jordan’s food basket.

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  • Enhance food security and food sovereignty by planting fruit-bearing trees;
  • Combat desertification to mitigate the effects of climate change;
  • Provide a sustainable source of income for farmers to combat poverty and unemployment;
  • Raise awareness about the importance of planting trees and environmental protection; 
  • Encourage the participation of students in environmental volunteer activities and provide a space for local community building.
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The Green Caravan’s Pillars:

  • Strong partnerships between civil society and the public and private sectors. For each targeted area, a small committee is formed to oversee planning and implementation, where local communities are put at the center of decision-making. 
  • Sustainable resource management: the program only selects trees that are suitable for the target area, ensures there is an accessible source of water and efficient irrigation techniques.
  • Social justice orientation prioritizing small-holder farmers.
  • Promotion of environmental, economic and social links by planting fruit trees that have high economic and nutritional value.
  • Protection of human beings, who are an integral part of the environment.

The Green Caravan has also pushed to revitalize the concept of ‘Hakoura’; a homestead garden that is emblematic of the traditional culture of farming. This concept is essential for achieving food sovereignty in Jordan. 

Working Mechanism

  • Meetings with farmers and their local communities to introduce them to the project.
  • An independent committee conducts field surveys and processes applications for proposed beneficiaries according to the following criteria:
    • Households whose main source of income is agriculture;
    • Households with low-income and/or unemployment;
    • Households headed by women;
    • Households with individuals with disabilities;
    • Households with university students;
    • Availability of water sources.
  • Visit target sites to select crops and ensure readiness for planting.
  • Visit nurseries to check compliance with technical specifications  and quantities needed for planting.
  • Volunteers (students, employees, entrepreneurs, the local community) carry out the planting after being given necessary instruction.
  • Documentation of project data.
  • Periodic visits to monitor projects, ensure their sustainability and assess their impact.


  •  110,557 trees planted in Jordan
  •  240 volunteer activities
  •  2,789 dunams (689 acres) of land planted
  •  2,319 families with 11,922 members assisted
  •  6,543 vegetables and medicinal herb seedlings planted



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