Stop Poisoning Palestine: Toxic Chemicals in Palestine | The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature

In 2016, APN collaborated with The Pesticide Action Network Asia and the Pacific (PANAP) on a fact finding mission to investigate illegal Israeli manufacture, use and trade of toxic pesticides, and dumping of chemical waste onto Palestinian agricultural land.

Outcomes included two published reports (Pesticides and Agroecology in the Occupied West Bank and Human Rights and Toxic Chemicals in the Occupied West Bank (Palestine) which was delivered to specialized institutions and Human Rights experts.(Read more)






APN and PANAP also led a fact-finding mission in the Damia village in the Deir Alla region of the Jordan Valley. The village suffers from the neighboring Damia landfill, which is controlled by the Israeli occupation authorities on the opposite side of the river.

APN and PANAP launched an international online petition urging intergovernmental organizations, state parties, corporations, and civil society organizations to immediately push for accountability for those culpable and fair redress for affected Palestinian communities.

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