Zuayter participates in an international conference in Thailand

APN | Thailand

September 2022


Razan Zuayter, the chairperson of the board of directors of APN alongside Hassan Al Jaajaa, scientific adviser, participated in the meetings of the coordination committee of the International League of Peoples' Struggle (ILPS), which held its deliberations with the attendance of the members in Thailand over two days starting from 26 September 2022. The meetings involved fruitful discussion, open dialogues, and preparations for launching the conference of the International Peoples' Front (IPF).

Through her intervention, Zuayter, who is presently a member of the board of directors of the ILPS shed light on the programs of APN coupled with the impact and efficacy of green resistance in buttressing the resilience of the peoples in our Arab region. Moreover, the report submitted by APN was discussed, in which it called for the defense of the marginalized nations and their interests, whilst underlining the importance of striving to safeguard domestic civil peace between the components of all nations, and equally important, to endeavor to achieve internal development and food sovereignty, while supporting all the forces of deterrence against imperial domination, and all of the foregoing in accordance with the national priorities of each country. (To read the report click here).

APN submitted a proposal to support the rights of Palestinian prisoners in the prisons of Zionist occupation whereupon the coordination committee adopted the proposal. (to read the decision click here).

In the deliberations of the International Peoples' Front (IPF), Al Jaajaa participated through delivering an important statement in which he refuted the misinformation promoted and disseminated by imperialistic states, whilst showing that the Arabic language and the Islamic Religion are two elements fostering unity and struggle, where the conspiracy to target them in the Arab region continues for purposes of weakening the nations.. This is the same divisive paradigm in all places of the world where the nations coalesce around the elements of harmony and brotherhood thereby fortifying them in the face of all their adversaries (to read the statement in the English language click here).

 APN undertook several agricultural tours, including participating within a small delegation hosted by the Southern Peasants' Federation of Thailand - SPFT, to visit the monument in salutation of 4 freedom fighters, who died in the course of control of agricultural lands for purposes of acquiring them in favor of the destitute among them, with a view to lifting them from poverty. Actually, they   were able to pave the way for the state to recognize their rights to those lands which were state lands planted with palm trees for producing oil for export.