Zuayter Delivers a Strong Message during ILPS International Solidarity Forum for Gaza

APN | Amman – Zoom

14 November 2023


APN Chairperson and PCFS Global Co-Chair, Razan Zuayter, was a speaker at the online forum “Voices of Resistance: Stop the Genocide, organized by the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) and the People’s Coalition on Food Sovereignty (PCFS) on 14 November 2023.

During her address, Zuayter provided a detailed historical overview of the Israeli occupation in Palestine. She exposed the settler-colonial aspirations of Western countries in the Arab region, tracing these ambitions back to the Franks (crusade) wars 750 years ago. Despite these efforts and the horrific war crimes perpetrated by the Israeli occupation, Palestinians have demonstrated legendary resilience and resistance for the past 100 years until this day.

Returning to events of the present day, Zuayter described the recent and most violent attack on Gaza, supported by the same colonial perpetrators of the Franks (crusade) wars. Nevertheless, hope endures. Zuayter illustrated that Palestinians, in collaboration with regional resistance movements, have resumed their brave resistance, resulting in significant losses for the Israelis. This has exposed the vulnerabilities within their supposedly "undefeatable" power systems. Moreover, Zuayter recognized the importance of international solidarity including protests, boycotts, and media campaigns as an integral part of resistance, which has been deeply values by Palestinians all over the world.

Concluding with a message of solidarity, Zuayter expressed that just as this region triumphed over the Crusaders centuries ago, the global resistance will achieve a similar outcome in Palestine.