Zuayter calls on the Sub-committee for the Eradication of Hunger in the Arab Region to undertake field visits in the region

APN | League of Arab States – Zoom

28 November 2022

The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature, represented by Chair of the Board, Razan Zuayter, attended the eighth meeting of the Sub-committee for the Eradication of Hunger in the Arab Region affiliated with the League of Arab States.

Zuayter made an intervention in which she emphasized the need to support proposed projects through securing funding and the inclusion of countries with green initiatives. Among those projects is the Arab Tree Path which was proposed by APN, and received initial acceptance by the Arab League, and whose launch and implementation awaits the selection of five Arab countries.

Zuayter also called for the adoption of planting wheat (among other essential crops in our region), establishing the foundations of intra-regional trade which supports food security with an integrated regional vision through the assessment of the preferential traits of each country, to take wars and conflicts into consideration in the implementation of the final outcomes of the initiative, to create a road-map; and to include the powerful and free civil society in the entire process.

Finally, as a practical step to disseminate the clauses of the statement and to inform member states about its importance, Zuayter suggested undertaking field visits to Arab countries.