We Persevere, Plant, and Erase the Traces of Aggression

APN | Gaza



Even after the “silent” 11-day war on Gaza’s agricultural strip in May of 2021— which resulted in material losses amounting to millions of dollars caused by an aggressive bombing of lands that devastated trees and crops; causing countless animals, birds, and bees to burn or starve to death— advances by the APN, as part of “supporting farmers harmed by aggression” project, came as a candle of hope to many farmers like Marwan Abu Mhareb, lighting and renewing the road to hope and revival.

A generous and noble donation by Ḥamzah Suwwan, Najib al-Hoodhood, Wafaa’ Latuf, and Wael Ishtiyyah, helped plant 10 dunams of cabbage belonging to Abu Mhareb; the cabbage being an excellent seasonal crop of choice for the people of Gaza, and one which contributes to raise the income of a family that’s recently lost its main source of income during the war.