Starvation is their Weapon, Cultivation is Ours: A Campaign to Revive Gaza Farmland

APN | Amman

31 March 2024


Responding to the pleas of farmers in Gaza, APN launched an urgent development relief campaign aimed at reviving the agricultural sector to combat the blockade. Emphasizing that the agricultural sector holds the potential to regain its vitality, APN stressed the importance of providing essential production inputs.

The first stage of the campaign entails the restoration of vegetable farms through activities such as planting seeds and seedlings and expanding irrigation networks to replace damaged ones. Subsequent phases will involve the reconstruction of greenhouses, planting fruit trees, and the construction or restoration of agricultural ponds, and providing fishing equipment. Additionally, the campaign will focus on rehabilitating poultry farms and apiaries, with direct utilization of resources within the sector.

As per APN Chairperson Razan Zuayter, this latest campaign is not the organization's first campaign in Gaza since its establishment two decades ago. Previous campaigns were undertaken in 2008, 2009, 2014, and 2021, resulting in the planting of 460,000 trees and the rehabilitation of various facilities including greenhouses, agricultural ponds, irrigation networks, poultry farms, sheep, apiaries, fishing equipment, and more.

Zuayter emphasized the necessity of directing our attention towards establishing food sovereignty in Gaza, rather than solely focusing on food security. This becomes even more crucial given the brutal blockade imposed by the occupation. She emphasized the importance of supporting development relief projects capable of empowering Gazans through local food cultivation and production, rather than relying solely on relief aid, which remains vulnerable due to the blockade and closure of crossings. Zuayter urged UN, international, and regional organizations involved in food and agriculture to actively support such campaigns by facilitating their work and providing financial assistance. She stressed that achieving these goals is a collective responsibility that cannot be achieved by individuals alone. Zuayter also called on everyone to join in supporting the campaign and spreading its message to achieve the desired objectives.

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