Safeguarding a Land in Sinjil - North of Ramallah with Support from Hamdi Idris

APN | Sinjil


Despite relentless settler attacks on the lands of Sinjil in the northern West Bank, the community remains undeterred in their commitment to cultivate and safeguard the land against Israeli manipulation of an old land law. Farmer Khaled, facing economic hardships after losing his job due to the COVID-19 pandemic, decided to return to his ancestral profession to support his family of 11 members. However, protecting this land is a challenging task, situated on the outskirts of the Ma'ale Levona Settlement and facing daily attacks by settlers. Recently, 30 olive trees were uprooted from his land, and just days prior, 25 fig trees, stone fruits, and others suffered the same fate.

Farmers' resilience serves as a motivating force, inspiring us to persist in our efforts. Khaled, residing in a town besieged by five illegal settlements, views the cultivation of his land as a national and religious obligation. It represents the essence of his identity and the key to his future. In response to his call, we have planted 200 fruit trees, contributed by Mr. Hamdi Idris.