Prominent Media Presence From August - October 2023

Awareness and mobilization played a significant role in our media efforts from August to October 2023. We maintained a consistent media presence, addressing the crucial need to support the agricultural sector and local food systems in the Arab region, with a specific focus on Palestine and Jordan. A key aspect of our efforts was on "Al-Aqsa Flood", standing in solidarity with the people of Gaza. Throughout this period, we shed light on the atrocities they face, emphasizing the occupation's use of food as a weapon to coerce displacement. The following are highlights of this presence:


  • Al Jazeera hosts APN General Manager, Mariam Al Jaajaa, to speak about the food crisis in Gaza
  • APN Chairperson, Razan Zuayter, speaks about the "death" diet in Gaza and the importance of developing an Arab strategy to  overcome deficit and subjugation
  • Al Ghad publishes a report on the "death" diet
  • A testimonial by APN General Manager, Mariam Al Jaajaa, on behalf of Arab civil society on the genocide in Gaza during the second Arab Forum for Environment, held in Oman and organized by the League of Arab States in cooperation with the United Nations Environment Programme 
  • Al Jaajaa speaks on Mazaj FM about our role in exposing the occupation's crimes in Gaza and the importance of building a resilience food system that protects Palestinians against food weaponization
  • In conjunction with the Near East Forestry Week, organized by FAO, APN Chairperson, Razan Zuayter, publishes an an article in Al Ghad Newspaper

  • APN Chairperson of the Board, Razan Zuayter, published an article on the compensation system for farmers affected by agricultural risks


  • APN Agricultural Advisor, Hassan Al Jaajaa, discussed the far-reaching consequences of climate change on our region and the agricultural sector during an interview with Al Mayadeen