APN Fills the land of a Teacher in Sa`ir

APN| Sa`ir - Palestine

March 2022


Mr. Iyad Ghaleb Younis sponsored 200 fruitful trees, and supported the program of the Million Tree Campaign with a view to planting fruitful trees in Palestine. Actually, the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature (APN) chose a land owned by the teacher Hazem Mohammad Mousa from Sa`ir town in the governorate of Hebron.

"Ustadh" Hazem, as the inhabitants of the town know him, works as a teacher and a farmer concurrently, and supports 15 persons two of whom are completing their university education. The family works collaboratively on the land of 6 dunums, situated in the second oldest town in Palestine, which is also considered one of the most inflamed locations given that the settlers harass the Palestinians while striving to uproot them from their land.