Partnership between APN and ACS Forges Ahead with Lecture and Tree Planting Activities

APN | Amman

26 February 2024, 7 March 2024, 31 March 2024


Continuing the collaborative efforts between APN and the American Community School (APN), APN delivered an educational lecture as part of its "If Only You Knew” Campaign. The lecture was attended by nearly 70 seventh-grade students as they explored the topic of ecosystems in their curriculum. Throughout the session, students gained insight into the pressing challenges confronting the region’s environmental and agricultural sectors, while also understanding the significance of promoting and enhancing local food systems.

Following the lecture, and as part of their community service commitment, the students partnered with APN to plant 200 olive trees on an area of 4 dunums belonging to four families in Al Jizah area, located south of Amman governorate. During the planting activity, the students actively engaged with the local community, learning about their challenges and the importance of the trees to them.

In another activity, 70 fifth-grade students joined APN’s team to plant 70 trees on two lands in Bader Al Jadeedah area in the governorate of Amman.