Participation in an open- ended working group meeting for CFS in Rome | The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature

APN was represented by activist Mariam Al-Jaajaa in an open meeting for the Committee on World Food Security in Protracted Crisis in July 8 in Rome. The meeting was attended by representatives of FAO member countries, United Nations, International organizations, and International Civil Society Mechanism.  

Ms. Al-Jaajaa coordinated the presence and interventions of civil society working group on global food security in protracted crises through a preparatory meeting organized on 7 July 2013. Representatives from the international civil society were present such as Herman Kumara from Southeast Asia, Gertrude Kinyanja  from Africa, Manuel Medina from Latin America,  Alberta Jura from Europe, and Sheri Arnott from North America.   The group agreed that civil society must play a   fundamental role in addressing food insecurity in protracted crises that attended the CFS and the importance of the accountability of all parties and monitor respect for the existing commitments to human rights and the laws of international agreements related to the humanitarian crises. The group promised to prepare a comprehensive list of these legal standards to ensure accurate knowledge and to facilitate the monitoring process.