Our Contribution to Ma'an Smart Village's Agricultural Learning Hub

APN | Ma’an

15 October 2023


Through its Green Caravan programme in Jordan, APN supported an agricultural learning hub in Ma‘an Smart Village for Sustainable Development, supervised by the Ma' an Youth Conservation Association.  This support included the cultivation of more than 100 fruit trees, contributing to the success of this learning hub, which is a pilot project of an environmental model that can be developed, expanded, and disseminated in the future with the local community.

The Director of the "Smart Village" project, Samer Abd Eldaim, stated that the project aims to bring about a transformative shift in the agricultural sector through economically empowering marginalized groups,  creating new job opportunities, increasing and stabilizing salaries, enhancing working conditions, and providing opportunities for the development of residential agricultural projects.

He also conveyed appreciation to the APN for its support in addressing climate change and the ongoing impacts on agriculture and biodiversity in Jordan and the broader region. This support is evident in initiatives such as cultivating fruit trees and expanding green spaces in different governorates across the country.

In her statement, APN General Manager, Mariam Al Jaajaa, highlighted that this support aligns with the objectives of the Green Caravan programme in Jordan. The programme aims to combat desertification, mitigate the impacts of climate change, and bolster food security and sovereignty. This is achieved through the cultivation of productive trees with high nutritional and economic value. Additionally, it serves as an extra source of income for farming families, contributing to the reduction of poverty and unemployment rates in the region, while simultaneously boosting local economies. Through the programme, APN has cultivated over 180,000 fruit trees supporting 10,000 farming families all across Jordan.