An-Najah University hosts trees in memory of the Kuwaiti-Palestinian Academic Sa’ad Akashah

APN | Nablus, Tulkarm, Jenin

6 April 2023


Dr. Sa’ad al-Din Ahmed Akashah (1947-2023) did not know the city of Nablus, his hometown, until he was a boy. His family traveled to Kuwait during his childhood. Later, he returned to live in one of the houses of the Sharabi family of Nablus, specifically in his maternal grandfather's house, for three years. This house became a witness to the alleys of the old town, its streets, and its distinctive buildings in his memory, in addition to the details of daily life in Palestine that he would recall in conversations with his family and friends.

The late Akashah progressed in his education until he became a university professor, dedicating his knowledge to research and knowledge. He became an expert and a pioneer in industrial projects in the oil and energy sector in Kuwait and other Arab countries. The Palestinian cause was never absent from his concerns, and he remained steadfast in his principles. He departed from his family and loved ones in March 2023 while remaining true to his principles.

Dr. Akashah was a believer in the importance of supporting the agricultural and environmental sectors in Palestine. After his passing, his family decided to honor his name by planting 240 fruit trees. They chose APN to carry out this initiative, connecting him to his hometown in Nablus. The initiative was welcomed by An-Najah National University, where guava and fig trees were planted on a land belonging to the university's agricultural college, just meters away from the Apartheid Wall with the presence of the Dean of the Faculty Dr. Hiba Al-Fares. The proceeds from these trees will benefit financially disadvantaged students at the college, ensuring that Akashah's legacy continues to support education and generosity. Another activity took place in the town of Arrabet Jenin to protect a piece of land threatened with confiscation.