From Malaysia: Militarization of Food as a Key Mechanism of Genocide

APN | Penang, Malaysia

June 21, 2024

Hassan Al Jaajaa, APN Co-Founder, was invited as a keynote speaker at the opening session of the 7th International Conference of the International League of Peoples' Struggles (ILPS), attended by 500 participants from around the world.

In his speech, he addressed the roots of the starvation war in Gaza and the use of food militarization as a key mechanism of genocide, dating back to before 7 October 2023. He emphasized the necessity of having steadfast goals while implementing flexible and dynamic strategies to resist occupation, never prioritizing secondary contradictions over primary ones. He stressed the importance of studying strengths and weaknesses within our ranks and those of the enemy before any confrontation.

Al Jaajaa pointed out that despite all conspiracies and efforts to demonize resistance in our Arab and Islamic regions, its unprecedented achievements have secured significant victories in one of the fiercest imperialist wars waged and led by American imperialism, European colonial and settler forces, alongside the Zionist fascist entity in Palestine.

He commemorated all innocent lives lost as beacons illuminating our path towards final victory, calling on everyone to expand the unified struggle front to include all potential allies while respecting diversity, which fortifies us in facing the enemy.

The conference issued a statement on Palestine, which APN contributed to, and Al Jaajaa earned the trust of the attendees in the elections held during the conference to become a member of the International Coordinating Committee of the League.