How 300 trees changed a farmer’s life

APN Jordan Valley

31st October, 2022


After 5 years, APN's team accompanied volunteering employees from Zain Telecom in a visit to the land of north Jordan Valley farmer Mukhlis Al-Sqour to assist him in his citrus harvest. Such visits are a common part of the APN’s Green Caravan program which regularly revisits its previously cultivated stations. The Green Caravan first visited Al-Sqour’s land on 24th of February 2017 and planted 300 citrus trees. Al-Sqour memorizes that date as it represents a fresh and vibrant start to his life on that land.

Al-Sqour welcomed the visitors with a touching statement that reflected the positive transformation he’s since experienced in his life. “I used to be unemployed!” Al-Sqour said, “but I’ve since become productive from the goods of this land which has also provided 10 new job opportunities for the local community”.