The First Preparatory Meeting for the Volunteer Team in Lebanon in Partnership with LOYAC | The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature

With great enthusiasm and high spirits, seven students from the American University of Beirut, and volunteers with LOYAC (which is an organization concerned with overall youth development) participated in a virtual meeting via Zoom to learn about APN’s activities, and benefit from introducing their experience to Lebanon, in order to support the Lebanese agricultural sector through supporting small farmers.

The meeting was chaired by Eng. Hassan Al Jaajaa, Co-founding Member and Chairperson of APN. He presented the role of civil society organizations in supporting the agricultural sector, and clarified the reality of the Lebanese agricultural sector, which suffers from multiple problems, compared to its past, in which Lebanon was considered one of the highly productive countries.

The participants also discussed the basis for evaluating the land to be cultivated, and ways to assess the feasibility of the agricultural project prior to its implementation, all of which will be followed throughout this collaboration