Despite occupation interference volunteers of the Million Tree Campaign plant seedlings in the village of Qasra | The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature
رغم عرقلة قوات الإحتلال يزرع متطوعو "المليون شجرة" أشجاراً جديدة في قرية قصرة

Dozens of APN volunteers planted 200 olive trees in the village of Qasra near the settlement of Majdoleem in the Nablus governorate, despite the presence of Israeli occupation soldiers, who attempted to disrupt the tree planting.

This agricultural activity was possible thanks to the support of Mrs Theresa Wolfwood and her late husband, Dr. Gerd Weih. Theresa and Gerd have been long time advocates of the Palestinian struggle, supporting projects on social justice and sustainability in Palestine.APN President Razan Zuayter said that she is pleased to cooperate with international activists and like-minded people from different parts of the world to achieve common goals. Zuayter stated that this event is part of the "The Land is Ours" campaign implemented by APN in cooperation with the Palestinian Authority, Palestinian Voluntary Work Committee, Qasra Village Council, and Qalqilya Youth Parliament.