Arar supports the planting of 500 fruit trees in a land near a settlement in Jerusalem’s Suburbs

APN | Surrounding Jerusalem

December 2022


APN’s team accompanied farmer Maher, from the southern side of Jerusalem’s Suburbs, to his land near the settlements, which is threatened by projects aiming to Judaize the area.

The farmer who inherited the land through generations states that it is dearer to him than his soul, and called on everyone to give support given the sensitivity of its location and to confront the plans of the occupiers. Accordingly, APN implemented a campaign in the area to plant 500 fruit trees with the kind support of Mr. Muhannad Arar.

It is noteworthy that this land and others in the area are threatened by expropriation in accordance with Israel's land code on wasteland and uncultivated lands which is utilized to legitimize the expropriation of Palestinian lands. Tree planting is the only action that can stand in the face of its confiscation.