APN Supports a Farmer's Third Re-Cultivation Amidst Settler Aggression in Taffuh

APN | Taffuh - Hebron



Afif, a farmer from the town of Taffuh, teaches his son how to plant new olive trees on their land which faces persistent threats from settlers in the neighboring Adora settlement, who, for two consecutive years, have deliberately uprooted the olive plants on the very same plot of land. This destructive act serves the purpose of facilitating land confiscation, given its proximity to the agricultural settlement.

The Hebron governorate is among those experiencing aggressive and rapid expansion of settlements. Farmer Afif, alongside fellow farmers facing looming confiscation threats, is steadfastly working to cultivate and re-cultivate the land, even for the third time. This persistence is driven by the recognition that the trees serve as protective guardians for the rightful ownership of Palestinian land.

The farmers in the town reached out to APN with the goal of safeguarding the lands designated as Area C. In response, a rapid initiative was launched to plant 3,165 olive and grape trees across 109 dunums, benefiting 36 farmers. Among them, farmer Afif expressed joy as he held the new seedling in one hand and the uprooted one in the other. He remains unwavering in his commitment to protect his land, vowing to do so until his last breath.