APN Starts the Third "Plant Your Resilience” Campaign in Jerusalem | The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature

APN began the third iteration of the Plant Your Resilience Campaign within the Million Tree Campaign (MTC) in light of American and Israeli efforts to eliminate the Palestinian issue under the so-called "Deal of the Century.” Al-Nahda Rural Society has partnered with APN to plant 22,000 trees and construct water wells in villages northwest of Jerusalem.

Muhammad Aiash, a representative of Al-Nahda Rural Society, characterized the campaign as a practical response to American-Israeli schemes to target Jerusalem. Ibrahim Manasra, APN’s representative in Palestine, said the campaign is part of a major effort to support the Palestinian resilience in areas threatened with confiscation and occupation.

Plant Your Resilience has witnessed wide public attention for the third year in a row. This year’s campaign, launched on December 3, 2019, was made possible by contributions from citizens listening to "Husna Radio."

MTC has planted 2,434,452 trees in Palestine from its inception in 2003 to the end of last year.