APN Speaks About Green Resistance to the Students of Al-Balqa Applied University at a Workshop Hosted by Fikra Initiative

APN | Al Balqa

26 December 2023


APN Chairperson, Razan Zuayter, and APN Agricultural Advisor, Hassan Al Jaajaa, were invited to deliver lectures as part of the lecture series named "Green 101: Land Security", a platform dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability and building a greener generation within Jordanian universities. The workshop, entitled "Our food between sovereignty and dependence: do we eat what we cultivate?", was organized by Fikra, an initiative launched by ECO Jo, and Contrast BAU and took place at AlBalqa Applied University on 26 December 2023.

In his presentation titled "What are we seeking in the Arab Region: Food Sovereignty or Food Security?", Al Jaajaa explained the difference between these two concepts, underscoring the pivotal role of agriculture in establishing food sovereignty, alleviating poverty, and fortifying local communities. He proceeded to outline the prevailing state of the food crisis in the region, emphasizing that the Arab region ranks among the highest importers of food requirements, with over 50% of caloric needs being imported. Al Jaajaa delved into the factors contributing to this crisis, including conditional international funding, policies, environmental factors, and the impact of wars and occupation. Drawing upon the examples of Jordan and Palestine, he explored the challenges confronting both countries and the ramifications these challenges pose to the agricultural sector and local communities. The presentation concluded with an interactive discussion among participants, examining the next steps and our collective role in combating these challenges.

In her talk titled "Green Resistance and Existential Protection", Zuayter presented a case study that demonstrated successful strategies and measures for tackling agricultural and environmental challenges. She underscored the effectiveness of rehabilitation, policy influence, advocacy, and mobilization by presenting APN's mission and programmes. Through its Million Tree Campaign in Palestine and the Green Caravan in Jordan, APN has planted over 2.9 million fruit trees, aiming to establish sovereignty, strengthen local food systems, and combat environmental degradation and climate change. Additionally, the Food Sovereignty programme has played a crucial role in shaping policies at national, regional, and international levels. APN has actively organized and led negotiations to advocate for local and regional priorities on various regional and international platforms. Finally, Zuayter also highlighted the objective of APN's "If Only You Knew" campaign, which targets school and university students in Jordan. This campaign aims to raise awareness about environmental and agricultural issues, instilling a sense of responsibility in younger generations.