APN Signs Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Petra to Enrich Student Volunteerism

APN | Amman

28 March 2024


APN and the University of Petra in Jordan signed a memorandum of understanding. Dr. Ahmed Ghassan El-Qasem, the Director of Quality Assurance at the university, and Mariam Al Jaajaa, APN General Manager, signed the agreement on behalf of their respective organizations.

The MoU aims to strengthen the partnership between the two parties, integrating academic dimensions with volunteerism in environmental and agricultural domains. It highlights the significance of tree planting from a sustainable economic standpoint and acquaints students with agricultural and environmental challenges, highlighting their connection to food production and solution methods. These objectives are pursued through lectures and activities within the organization's programme targeting schools and universities titled "If Only You Knew".

The engagement with university students will include coordinating awareness seminars and campaigns aimed at enhancing environmental and agricultural consciousness. Moreover, their involvement in executing volunteer initiatives to aid the local environment and support Jordanian farmers will be recognized as community service, among other activities.

The "If Only You Knew" programme was launched in 2012. Throughout 2023, over 19 activities were successfully conducted, with the participation of 800 students from Jordanian universities and schools, along with their supervisors and teachers. These events were organized in collaboration with 14 academic and educational institutions.