APN revives agricultural land for 10 orphans in Al-Salt | The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature

In cooperation with the Balqa' Creativity Association, APN planted 420 fruit trees in the villages of Alayqun and Bayuda in the Salt Governorate, on Sunday May 10 2020 as part of the Green Caravan Programme.

Mohammad Qtaishat, APN’s Project Manager, explained that this activity aims to cultivate 10 dunums of lemon and grape trees for two agricultural families, one of which consists of 10 orphans.

Qtaishat added that APN seeks to cultivate this land to provide income for the family, enhance their ties to the land, and reduce any need to sell it in the future.

Elham Al Abadi, director of the Al-Balqa Creativity Association, said that the project will grant these families a sustainable source of income.