APN Publishes the Arabic Version of a Paper Titled "Centering Syria in the EU Funding Response to the Syrian Crisis"

APN | Amman

April 2024

APN published a research paper titled "Centering Syria in the EU Funding Response to the Syrian Crisis" within a broader study released by the Civil Society Organizations Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE). This study examines the triple nexus between humanitarian assistance, development, and peacebuilding efforts in regions affected by war and conflict. Alongside Syria, the study also encompasses several other countries: Afghanistan, Mali, the Lake Chad region in Africa, Guatemala, Cameroon, the Philippines, Mozambique, and Bangladesh.

In the paper, APN outlines the current funding strategy of the European Union regarding the Syrian crisis. It highlighted that the majority of EU aid is directed towards countries hosting Syrian refugees, often as part of "economic reform" projects, while Syria itself receives minimal aid, primarily in the form of humanitarian assistance without accompanying development support.

The paper highlighted that this approach has resulted in the failure to adequately address humanitarian needs in the host countries, despite their efforts, and has perpetuated the sustainability of refugee displacement while prolonging dire conditions within Syria.

The paper further points out that the EU treats the Syrian crisis as a refugee crisis only, and stressed the importance of adopting the triple nexus as a framework for an integrated response to the crisis through enhanced development support and peacebuilding.

The paper is now available in English and Arabic on APN’s website.