APN plants 500 olive trees in Burqa in memory of Mohammad Al-Otaibi and Intisaf Abu Omar

APN | Burqa-Nablus

February 2023

This is how the memory of the late Hajj Mohammad Walid Abdul Rahim Theeb (Al-Otaibi), and his late wife Intisaf (Nawal) Abdul Aziz Abu Omar, remains, as 500 trees planted APN for their soul in their hometown of Burqa village in Nablus governorate.

The trees were planted for 5 farming families of which around 30 persons will benefit from.

APN chose Burqa area given that the community resist the colonizers through perseverant farming and cultivation of land, given that this area is considered to be among the most fertile in the governorate. Due to the steadfastness of the people in their land, the “Homesh” settlement was evacuated from its residents in 2005, noting that Burqa is completely under the control of the occupation authorities.