APN Plants 1,258 Fruit Trees in South Jordan with the support of the Housing Bank

APN | Ma’an and Aqaba

15 February 2024


In the southern region of Jordan, particularly in Ma'an and Aqaba, APN's Green Caravan team, along with employees from the Housing Bank, embarked on a mission to plant 1,258 fruit trees. This initiative marks the initial phase of planting 2,000 trees, which the bank committed to supporting in 2024.

In Ma'an, where olive trees hold significance for the local community and thrive across 35,805 dunums of the governorate due to their compatibility with the climate, we planted 1,050 olive trees. This endeavor aims to bolster food security and generate income for three agricultural families comprising 27 individuals, providing substantial economic value to them.

In Aqaba, we initiated the planting of 208 trees within the gardens of 11 public schools, featuring citrus, guava, and grape varieties, in collaboration with the Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan. These trees will enhance the school environment and generate proceeds to support underprivileged students.