APN Honours Mothers by Planting Trees | The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature
العربية تكرم الأمهات بزراعة الأشجار

  In March of this year, Arab Group for the Protection of Nature (APN) launched its annual Mother’s Day campaign, recognizing that both mothers and the earth are symbols of giving. The campaign aims to cultivate fruit trees in both Palestine and Jordan in the names of mothers as gifts from students. Five schools participated in this year's campaign, with students receiving a beautiful greeting card in exchange for their donation.

As part of the campaign, Samar Gharaibah, Jordanian television host, interviewed APN volunteers Fatma al Jamali and Farah Abdel Jawad to speak about the initiative. To watch the interview, go to:  For the first planting event, APN organized an activity in Wadi Al Qatar on the 20th of March with students from the Canadian International School in Amman (CIS). This activity followed a March 13th presentation at the school by Advocacy Officer Heather Elaydi as part of this year’s “If You Only Know” environmental awareness campaign launched by APN, which seeks to inform students about the problems facing the Arab region and the benefits of planting trees. The presentation focused on the different types of trees that grow across Jordan, and learned the distinct temperature, soil, and water conditions required for each type of tree to grow.CIS and other schools from across Amman, including Arab Model School , Al-Ra’ed Al-Arabi School, National Orthodox School and Amman National School will have the opportunity to participate in a special  event on the 26th of April where all students who donated trees in the name of their mothers will have the chance to participate in the planting.