APN heads the Arab Network for Food Sovereignty and organizes its General Assembly | The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature
العربية لحماية الطبيعة تترأس الشبكة العربية للسيادة على الغذاء و تنظم مؤتمرها العام


The most significant outcomes of the meeting were the agreement on the network’s statute and conceptual framework, and they identification of a number of activities for the coming year.

Members also elected an executive committee consisting of the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature as the President of the network represented by  Razan Zuayter, the Tunisian Farmers Syndicate as Vice President represented by Leith Ben Bichr, the Palestinian Farmers Union as treasurer represented by Rafaat Khandakgi, Qatar National Program for Sustainable Development as public relations represented by  Khaled al Muhanadi, in addition to the the Ozai Fishermen Union in Lebanon, Land Center for Human rights in Egypt, National Confederation for traditional fishing in Morocco, Hawa Organization in Sudan, and the Iraqi Society for Consumer Rights Defense.

The network organized an open meeting on 5/12/2016 under the title “the Institutionalization of partnerships to enhance food security and nutrition in Jordan and the Arab World”.

Representatives from civil society, academia, public and private sectors were invited.  Farmer unions, fishermen, women and consumer organizations from various Arab countries were present and the conference focused on regional integration, stakeholder partnerships, and strengthening food security in crises, conflicts and occupation.

The attendees where welcomed by Zuayter who described the network as a beacon of hope in these difficult times. Secretary General of the Jordanian Ministry of Agriculture Dr. Radi Tarawneh stressed on the importance of building a unified strategy between Arab countries to develop the agricultural sector.

In addition, the regional representative of the FAO organization in Jordan Dr Nasr Eldin Haj Amin spoke about the need of political commitment and cooperation between the sectors in order to eradicate hunger.

Also, among the speakers were Dr. Ghaleb Tufaha, Director General  of the Regional Centre on Agrarian Reform and Rural Development for the Near East (CARDNE) and Dr.Bu Bakr Thuhaibi from the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) in addition to Abdullah Buliehi president of the Moroccan Confederation of Traditional Fishing , Mohammad Oran representative of the General Union of Farmers , Fuad Khalifeh President of the Bahrain Society of Agricultural Engineers.

Mohammad Shibli Head of the Department of Research at the Food Security Unit in the Ministry of Agriculture also spoke about methods to enhance food security in the Arab region through increasing productivity and the area cultivated mainly with grain. Furthermore, Khalid Mansour from the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee and Mariam Al Jaajaa from the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature spoke about addressing food security in crises, conflicts and occupations.