APN Gives 16 Awareness Lectures to 850 Students | The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature

As part of its mission, APN has given 15 awareness lectures in November and December to young students around the city of Amman.

Students totalling 850 between the ages of 9-17 in 13 schools were enlightened on the importance of agriculture and its role in providing sound environmental climate.

The lectures presented by Deyar Muhaisen, APN project officer, also addressed the most important challenges and concerns that threaten the environment in Jordan and Palestine.  She highlighted the importance of student cooperation as partners in the task of finding solutions and preserving the environment.

Families of the students attended some of the lectures, and most of them interacted with the information provided, while some of them took the initiative to donate for the projects implemented by APN to preserve the environment.

Muhaisen indicated that APN bridges with the lectures a wide gap in environmental knowledge among students, pointing to the need to pay attention to the environmental content and its associated emotional and land-related meanings and identity.

APN's "If Only You Knew" program seeks to spread environmental awareness as part of environmental education, influence behaviour, activate individual efforts across the same school, and link them with local efforts.