APN gifts 1,112 trees to the Sport City forest

APN | Al Hussein Youth City - Sports City

12 February 2023


From the beautiful green spot at the heart of the city of Amman, specifically from the forest of the Al Hussein Youth City - Sports City, APN offered a gift to the Jordanians by planting 1,112 trees to offset what the forest lost in the previous winter storms, through the “Green Caravan” programme, which represents one of APN’s four programmes, with the noble support of contributors, both individuals and companies.

This pioneering initiative underscores APN’s vision regarding sustainable development, and to restore and revive the luster to the place considered a part of the green heritage of Jordan which is a destination for many to practice sports and enjoy the splendid pathways between the trees, in one of the places engraved in memory since the establishment of the Sports City in 1964, until the present time.

One of activities was attended by His Excellency the director of the Hussein Youth City, Mr. Bassam Khalayleh, and Mr. Tayel Udwan the Director of Agriculture, and APN Chairperson of the Board, Eng. Razan Zuayter.

APN has dedicated its efforts to supporting small Jordanian farmers in particular, in all the governorates of the Kingdom, in addition to reaching them in the most marginalized places along the Jordan Valley, which is Jordan's food basket.

Consequent upon this accomplishment, APN’s Chairperson of the Board, Eng. Razan Zuayter said, “we are delighted to see those saplings that have been actually planted so that the coming generations would enjoy them just as we have enjoyed the trees planted by our predecessors, thousands of which we regrettably lost, and to offer a model of persistence and insistence on protecting every tree in our beloved Jordan, and indeed to double the number of trees, to reclaim the lands, and to reaffirm our attachment to the land and interest in agriculture thereby ensuring food security and achieving genuine self-sufficiency.”

The Green Caravan accomplished this initiative by planting Jacaranda, Melia Azedarach, Carob trees during the agricultural season 2022-2023.