APN Calls for an End to the Wars in the Arab Region during an International Meeting in Hong Kong | The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature
خلال اجتماع دولي  في هونغ كونغ.. "العربية" تدعو لوقف الحروب في المنطقة

Razan Zuayter, co-founder of APN and president of the Arab Network for Food Sovereignty, condemned US attempts to incite conflicts and wars in West Asia and warned against pushing them into a new world war.

Zuayter praised countries rejecting the so-called "Deal of the Century" in a speech at the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) in Hong Kong, China (23-26 June). Moreover, She rejected the "Peace for Prosperity" conference held in conjunction with the meeting in Bahrain, stressing the need to work for a just and genuine peace in the region through stronger international solidarity against Imperialism, Zionism, and all sources of fascism.

During the opening session, she recommended pushing for an end to absurd wars with greater attention to the Arab region (particularly Palestine, Yemen, and Syria). She also proposed changing the term "Middle East" to "West Asia and North Africa”, which was  a proposal adopted by the participants. In another session titled “The Struggles of Africa and West Asia”, Razan Zuayter gave a detailed presentation on the Arab-led “Green Resistance” to protect nature in Palestine through its basic “Million Tree” program.

During the meeting, she called for the lifting of unjust and unilateral sanctions against Iran and the refusal to use food as a weapon against people. She also called for an immediate end to military operations in Yemen, especially targeting civilians and basic food and agricultural infrastructure, including fishing vessels and markets, and called for an end to the blockage of food and humanitarian assistance to civilians. 

Zuayter also called for an immediate end to military operations in Yemen, especially ones targeting civilians, basic food, and agricultural infrastructure, such as fishing vessels and markets as well as the blockade of food and humanitarian assistance to civilians.