APN and Zain: A partnership with the scent of lemon
زين والعربية لحماية الطبيعة: شراكة برائحة الليمون

APN | Jordan Valley

28 July 2022


A new journey for the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature (APN) on board the Green Caravan which touched foot in the middle Ghor under the aegis of a new field event, crowned by the planting of 700 lemon trees donated by Zain- Jordan within the framework of its support of APN under the aegis of its sustainability management programs.


With high morale on the part of the APN, volunteers of Zain Company, and the families of the farmers, the event was implemented, and it involved 3 agricultural land units, owned by limited income farmers who aspire to improve their economic circumstance, and invest their unexploited lands given lack of availability of resources.

The general manager of APN, Mariam Al-Jaaja, thanked Zain Company for this noble gesture, while recalling the varied activities and events, and the prolonged partnership, expressing hope for the support of the programs of the APN to continue in the future.