APN at the 30th Regional Conference on Food Security for the Near East | The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature

President  of APN, the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature, Razan Zuaiter was delegated along with representatives from Tunisia and Sudan to represent the Arab civil society at the Ministerial Meeting on Food Security, organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in the period between 18-14 May 2012 in the Italian capital, Rome.
Zuaiter presented the recommendations that the civil society developed at the food security workshop that was held in Beirut earlier in same month, which was organized by the Group. 

In her intervention, she opposed the idea that there is no ability to produce food in the Arab region, and stressed that capacity exists if there is political will and strategic integration, especially the economic aspect relating to food security.

She also underlined the need not to ignore  the issue of wars, occupations and food security, demanding the prevention of all forms of discrimination between the Arab peoples, racially, ethnic, religious, sectarian, gender or age related.