Along with the support of Mr. Wael Al-Safouri, APN planted 200 tree

With the help of Palestinian children and their cheerfulness, APN planted 200 trees in the town of Sa'ir, northeast of Hebron, with the support of Mr. Wael Al-Safuri.

The trees that were planted on the Farroukh family’s land (a Palestinian farmer), whose land consists of 4 dunums and supports a family of 12 people. The planted trees varied from grapes, almonds to olives trees.

 The land  is located near the west of Sa’ir, near its neighbor Halhoul, along the settlement bypass road 60, which connects the occupation settlements in the occupied Negev to the occupied city of Afula, and passes through many cities and towns in the West Bank.

 Noting that the planting process is part of the “On the Land we are Steadfast” project, aims to plant 22,000 trees in Palestine, and is part of “The Million Tree Campaing" in Palestine. 

To take part in “The Million Tree Campaing"program and contribute in helping us plant our third millionth tree in Palestine:

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