In Al-Amiriyah, APN Replaces Stones with Trees Supported by JoPACC

APN | Al-Amiriyah – Central Badia

23 February 2024


During an agricultural activity in Al-Amiriyah area of Central Badia, dedicated staff members from the Jordan Payments & Clearing Company (JoPACC) took part in planting 200 fruit trees as part of APN’s Green Caravan programme. These trees were planted to support four families within the local community. Among them, one family is supported by a teacher, another by a factory worker, a third by an employee, and the last by a housewife caring for a child with a disability.

The cultivated types included grapes, lemons, figs, pomegranates, and olives, all of which were selected for their low water requirements and tolerance to the temperatures in the region.

JoPACC's CEO, Maha Bahou, was present at the event and commended the agricultural activity, highlighting the significance of Jordan's transition towards sustainable agriculture, which provides economic benefits for families in marginalized areas. She also emphasized the contribution of such initiatives to Jordan's commitments to combat climate change.

One of the participating landowners, Om Oday, praised the initiative, expressing hope that these trees would bring self-sufficiency to her family. Moreover, Teacher Ibrahim saw the planted seedlings as a way to compensate for the trees lost from his orchard, which his father had planted three decades ago, and for which he lacked the financial means to replant the land. Another farmer observed that diligent care of the land results in rewards, highlighting the potential transformation of the area’s fallow land into productive farmland.