800 Fruit Trees in the Security Buffer Zone of Highway 60

APN | Near Jerusalem


Aside from expanding settlements on agricultural lands in the West Bank, the occupation also created a new infrastructure of bypass roads that restricted Palestinian mobility and hindered access to their lands.

Furthermore, these road networks, particularly Highway 60, represent a distinct colonial infrastructure. They divide the West Bank, facilitate access to settlements, and isolate Palestinians. The areas surrounding these roads are designated as security buffer zones, effectively barring any Palestinian presence in close proximity to these roads to ensure their safety.

In a remarkable activity, APN reached the security buffer zone alongside farmer Walid, a resident of the villages near Jerusalem. He made an appeal to cultivate and safeguard his land from potential confiscation, given its proximity to Highway 60.

In response, the Million Tree Campaign planted a total of 800 fruit trees, which drew the attention of a settler who recorded the event. Nevertheless, the green mission concluded peacefully, with anticipation for the grapes to bear the fruits of resilience.