34 thousand trees adopted by the people of Jordan to Palestine, via the “Plant Your Resilience” campaign

APN | Amman

4 January, 2023

“Plant Your Resilience” campaign, one of APN’s campaigns concerned with planting trees in Palestine, has had great success as part of the Million Tree Campaign. On its launch day, the campaign was able to raise more than 170,000 JODs to plant 34,000 trees in the villages surrounding Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, covering an area of 850 dunums that represent lands threatened with confiscation if not cultivated, and lands in the Gaza Strip that were bombed and razed, as well as lands liberated following the Zionist withdrawal from the Strip in 2005.

The campaign, which broadcasted on Radio Husna, saw a high level of engagement by all segments of society including Jordanian high school and university students, who volunteered to support the campaign; some going so far as to show up personally to give their donations.

The launch of the campaign’s newest season comes following its successes during the past four seasons, supporting 1,481 Palestinian farmers that support 9,128 individuals. The campaigns also protected 4,316 dunums threatened with confiscation after planting 105,517 trees of different species and digging 24 water collection wells.

For her part, APN Chairperson of the Board, Razan Zuayter, said that “this campaign comes within our plan to resist Zionist occupation. It is a legitimate and ongoing resistance. It is both a right and an obligation. Indeed, all the successes of the “Plant Your Resilience” campaign, as well as all of APN’s other campaigns are nothing but an accumulation of efforts, support for the Palestinian people, and a refusal to submit to these de facto policies that the occupation has been trying to impose since it first occupied our Palestinian and Arab land. We will continue in our green resistance, with the support of our friends from all parts of the Arab world and outside it. These existential wars between us call for all joined efforts. And we look forward to finishing planting our third million trees, and beginning with the fourth million.”

It should be mentioned that the campaign is ongoing, and donations are open via our various usual channels.