200 olive trees combat desertification in Al-Amiriyah

APN | Al-Amiriyah - South Amman

3 May 2023


Despite the significant expansion of urban areas encroaching upon extensive tracts of agricultural land in Amman, the olive tree has managed to maintain its presence. Of the approximately 11 million olive trees in Jordan, Amman is home to 14.6% of them, with roughly 1.5 million of these trees bearing fruit and contributing to self-sufficiency in high-quality olive oil.

The city limits of Amman stretch to the south, encompassing agricultural lands awaiting cultivation, including those belonging to farmers in the town of Al-Amiriyah. In this region, traditional water harvesting methods have prevailed, demonstrating impressive adaptability to water scarcity and efficient utilization of rainwater collection.

In collaboration with local farmers, a drought-resistant olive variety was selected for cultivation in these areas. This partnership marked the beginning of a project to plant 200 olive trees, generously supported by PwC. Fifty volunteers from the company, along with the local community, actively participated in planting these trees.