200 grape trees protect a land south of Jerusalem from confiscation with support from Ibrahim Shaaban and his children

APN | Southern Jerusalem

7 June 2023

In the village of Al-Khader, located south of Jerusalem, agriculture serves as a powerful form of resistance against the occupation. The local community understands that protecting the land is crucial in the face of confiscation attempts and the relentless expansion of the Efrat settlement, which was established in 1983. By steadfastly maintaining their presence, the residents of Al-Khader confront the occupation’s attempts to undermine their existence.

In the village, where Zionist restrictions have made it difficult for people to access their intended lands, APN stepped in to support a farmer from the village. Through unity, they carried 200 grape seedlings and irrigation water, making the journey to the land on foot. The farmer emphasized that land is at the core of the conflict with the occupiers, and neglecting it would only result in its theft. Despite the challenging conditions, the farmer remains committed to cultivating his land.

This generous contribution was made possible through the generous donation from Mr. Ibrahim Shaaban and his children, aiming to support the steadfastness of Palestinian farmers on their lands.