“Nabd Al-Quds” Committee at the Hashemite University Plants 1,425 Fruit Trees

APN | Bidu and Beit Liqya  – Jerusalem


The students of the "Nabd Al-Quds" Committee at the Hashemite University upheld their commitment to Jerusalem, the capital of Palestine. During the fifth season of the "Plant Your Resilience" campaign, they contributed 1,425 fruit trees planted on behalf of participating students at two locations.

In the first activity, land threatened with confiscation was selected in the village of Bidu, situated amidst the J2 area settlements, including Givon Hachadasha, Har Adar, Giv'at Ze'ev, and Har Samuel. The Green Line further acts as an additional barrier around the village. The owner of this land is deeply connected to it, referring to it as the "backbone of life". Unfortunately, he has experienced multiple instances of harassment by settlers who have, on several occasions, uprooted his trees.

The second activity took place on land reclaimed from the occupation in the village of Beit Liqya. Despite being constrained by the Green Line, this area is poised to transform into a flourishing orchard, serving as a lasting tribute to the students who, through their efforts, planted a connection to Jerusalem.