“A Tree for Every Child”, a Green Celebration in Al-Bayoudeh Village | The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature
"شجرة لكل طفل" عرس أخضر في البيوضة - الأردن

In a display of harmony between different  sectors of civil society, Arab Group for the Protection of Nature in collaboration with the local community in al-Bayoudeh village launched the campaign “A Tree for Every Child” in order to return to the land and achieve food sovereignty. The campaign saw the distribution of 400 fruit trees – one for each child in al-Bayoudeh Secondary School for Girls.

The head of the al-Bayoudeh Village Council Health department Elham Abadi, in collaboration with the al-Bayoudeh Secondary School for Girls, gave the opportunity for each student to select her own tree, which will be the center of their home gardens.

The aim of “A Tree for Every Child” initiative is to promote children’s connection to the land, develop their personal growth, and to raise awareness on environmental issues. This will also prevent the widening gap between children and grandparents and encourage the transfer of agricultural experience to children as an investment for the future.