As part of its program for cultivating the third million trees in Palestine, APN  has set the third of December, 2019 to re-launch the campaign titled 'plant your resilience" for the third year in a row in cooperation with Hosna Radio. The campaign aims to stabilize the steadfastness of Palestinian farmers and protect their lands from confiscation, by supporting and providing them with the tools necessary to continue to care for their lands. During its past two seasons, the campaign managed to empower 804 Palestinian farmers, and protect 1978 acres of land threatened with expropriation after planting about 51 thousand of various fruit trees  along with the drilling of 11 water wells.

 Razan Zuayter, the general coordinator of APN said that the campaign for this year comes after the American decision to legalize the Jewish settlements that were built on Palestinian land that was taken and stolen and confiscated by Israel. She said the decision will give a green light to the occupation to continue its crimes by expanding, acquiring and controlling more lands unless it finds a deterrent.

To this end, Zuayter added, "We should all maintain our constants through all available means of support, including protecting the Palestinian lands and supporting Palestinian farmers to enhance their resilience and stability in their lands." 

She went on to say,  “the ‘plant your resilience’ campaign is a broad gateway for all to contribute to this green resistance campaign, by donation and support for the continuation of agricultural work in Palestine, to prevent further violations by the occupation against the Palestinian agricultural sector.”

Hosam Gharaibeh, Director General of Hosna Radio said that the partnership between the radio and APN in this national project comes in line with the radio’s mission to raise societal awareness, as well as to raise the value of compassion and unity between the Jordanian and Palestinian peoples. 

He said the Palestinian feeling that he has support in Jordan increases his stability and resilience and the more Palestinian resilience, the more Jordan can face international and regional challenges. Campaigners called on citizens to interact and donate for the benefit of the campaign, by participating in an open day broadcast on Hosna radio.

It is noteworthy that the 'plant your Resilience' campaign is one of the campaigns carried out by APN within the "One Million Tree" program, which has approached the cultivation of two and a half million fruit trees throughout Palestine, while the number of trees cut down by the occupation, according to some statistics, exceeds the barrier of the three Millions of trees.