APN is Unique in Supporting who Affected by Jordan Valley Fires

A group of farms in the Jordanian valleys in the border area of al-Mashara on the banks of the Jordan River were deliberately set on fire by settlers from the occupied Palestinian side of the land, where they deliberately burned several border farms in the past June when the winds were moving towards the east, which drove the fires toward the Jordanian farms.

This crime resulted in the burning of more than 5000 fruitful trees over the expanse of more than 150 dunams, which led to harming the farmers who own those lands, cost them one of their main sources of income, and threatened their food and occupational security for the upcoming five years as the fires did not only cause harm for the time being, rather for the length of time the farmers would have to wait for their trees to regrow and bear fruit.

During the past months, The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature offered various kinds of support to affected farmers like providing them with new irrigation networks and replanting more than 3 thousand trees so far in their burned lands over the course of frequent rounds in cooperation with a group of supporters during this year.

APN also worked on raising the issue in the media through several press interviews with local channels and radio stations where they shed the light on the farmers’ recurring suffering and asked the government about its role in supporting the farmers and about the reason behind the delay and shortcoming in compensating them.

One of the latest follow ups was when the Jerusalemite activist Saleh Zighari visited the affected areas and filmed an episode for his Youtube channel which received over 73 thousand views till the time of writing this news piece.

APN did not hesitate to provide Jordanian and Palestinian farmers with support for the entirety of its career, and has launched multiple programs and campaigns, in addition to planting millions of trees to support the Jordanian and Palestinian agricultural sector and will continue its work to compensate affected farmers to prevent such crimes against the agricultural sector from happening.

You can watch Youtube episode by clicking on the link  https://youtu.be/NY0bGw_N8lk