APN in People's Eyes | The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature

"I have seen the annual report you have submitted for the year 2014, and it was remarkable for the effort made by the Arab Group for the protection of Nature in the field of sustainable development through the programs of 'One Million Trees', the ‘Green Caravan’, awareness and training. I congratulate your best efforts, wishing this young institution continued success in its work. May God bless you. Accept my respect”

July 28, 2015

Abdullah Al-Nsour

Former Prime Minister-Jordan

"The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature is not an ordinary or traditional civil society. Rather, it truly represents a stubborn Arab initiative that establishes a sovereign (societal and institutional) approach to development as an alternative to many approaches to development work coming from overseas. This approach still faces many challenges, but deserves attention and effort to understand it and practice it."

APN Annual Event, March 30, 2019

Ahmad Sourani

Director of The Agricultural Relief Committees - Gaza

My detention caused me to be deprived of my children for nearly 20 years. God compensated me with the olive trees that APN planted for me. So the trees were like my sons. I gave them attention and raised them. Thanks to these trees, I saw how the looks of the occupation soldiers changed as they passed by my land, from a feeling of delight while it was not planted, to looks of defeat and hatred after planting and building it with trees."

APN Annual Event, March 30, 2019

Rizq Salah

Palestinian Farmer

“I am sending this message to thank you for your tremendous efforts, and every time when I receive the newsletter I feel  great pride and achievement, your efforts are indescribable and always you strive to give the best of you with all passion and faith, tirelessly.”

APN Annual Event 2014

Sonia Zeyada


“I always feel that the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature is the title deed of our land in Palestine …. It is the guarantee!


Mahmoud Al-Nabulsi

Tammey for Youth Development

The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature is a word and stand. A blessed society that took the lead in launching its blessed campaign of 'they uproot a tree ... we plant a tree'.  To the society I say:

An Arab, a help to the moaning

Thou you protect the land


An honour to the nation

Whose enemy

Sought its plant to diminish”

the professional association complex event, December 31, 2012

Dr.Ahmad Al-Shahrouri

Academic, Islamic Preacher