Tamam Foods Contributes 500 Fruit Trees as a Symbol of Victory Against Settlers in Arrabet Jenin

APN | Arrabet Jenin

4 June 2023


From its northwestern vantage point, the town of Arrabet Jenin proudly displays the victory sign in defiance of the Mevo Dotan settlement, established by the occupation in 1982 on its own lands and those of the village of Ya'bad. This settlement took root under the direct influence of the Gush Emunim movement, which propagated the notion that Israel's occupation of the Palestinian mountains and plateaus would extend to "occupy hearts" as well. The movement's teachings not only spread but also played a role in the formation of the subversive Hilltop Youth movement, which targets agricultural land in the West Bank in particular.

The people of Arrabet Jenin are well aware of the occupation's intentions in their town. This was evident in their collaboration with APN to safeguard every inch of their land, preventing it from falling victim to the old land law that the occupation manipulated to confiscate hundreds of thousands of Palestinian dunums, claiming they were uncultivated.

During a recent tree planting tour in Arrabet Jenin, APN, with the support of Tamam Foods, bolstered the resilience of farmers' lands against occupation. A total of 500 olive, citrus, and grape trees were planted, benefiting eight farmers situated in various locations around the town.