Regional Consultation on Climate Change in Lebanon | The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature
المشاورة الإقليمية للتغير المناخي في بيروت
APN attended the Regional Consultation on Climate Change on the 21-22 March 2019 which was organized by the League of Arab States and ESCWA in Beirut, Lebanon. The consultation was joined by more than 120 officialsfrom Arab States and senior representatives from national, regional and international institutions. APN manager Mariam Al jaajaa insisted during the meeting on the importance of examining the complex relationship between conflict and vulnerability to climate change. She stressed that communities suffering from conflict have reduced adaptive capacities to climate change. She added that communities bearing rapid natural resource depletion are often at risk of conflict and require further assistance. The suggestion was taken by the outcome document which was to be presented at the 2019 Arab Forum for Sustainable Development and the High-Level Political Forum at the UN House in New York.